Simpler Tenpin is made up of a number of smaller products and the TenpinResults website, which all work together to combine bowling scores across the country into a centralised online home. Much like Microsoft Office contains the individual products of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint (and others), Simpler Tenpin encompasses products for Sprint, Championships, Teams Challenge, and FIQ formats.


All Simpler Tenpin products require you to have .Net 4.0 installed (any computer with Windows 7+ should already have this). You will also need the "SSCE Runtime" to suit your version of windows. If you don't know which version you need, try both - only one will install successfully and that's okay.
32-bit 64-bit

Simpler Sprint

A "Sprint" is an event where bowlers compete towards an objective, and the standings are calculated by total pinfall over a number of games. Variations can include Matchplay, bonus pins, a stepladder, handicap, or multiple qualifying.

Simpler Championships

A "Championship" event involves some combination of Singles, Doubles, Teams, and all Events - usually bowled over a few days of competition and may include sub-events such as masters qualifying.
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