Welcome to the eLeagues!

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An eLeague is a competition where you can compete against bowlers from around the country using your regular league scores, all you have to do is sign up and let TenpinResults take care of the rest!

If you haven't played before, you can see how it works on this infographic and have a read of the rules. It's easy! Choose a league (or multiple leagues) to join, and based on the type of league you're in your scores are automatically collected, collated, and processed into the competition.

Some eLeagues play for cash and cost more to enter. Others for some shiny medallions which are generally cheaper and shorter. Some run for a few months, others just a few weeks. Which league(s) you join is up to you.

If you sign up and are genuinely unable to compete in the season due to COVID lockdowns or restrictions, your entry will be refunded as "store credit" by the end of the scheduled season or earlier. This "store credit" can then be used to enter future seasons or other events


Please note that you should only sign up if your bowling center uploads scores to TenpinResults! Bowlers who sign up from non-participating centers will need to apply for a special refund of their fees to "store credit" on the system.

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